Brickstone Investment Group is a Singapore-based investment holding company uniquely positioned to take advantage of the opportunities in the region and around the world. With unparalleled access to market makers and technical know-how, it strives to add massive value to stakeholders. Market entry is achieved by way of strategic investments, acquisitions or franchising, while exit strategy typically takes the form of a trade sale or initial public offering (IPO).

BIG’s stable of companies comprises leaders in their respective industries. Its shareholdings include either wholly-owned or partially-owned stakes in companies involved in real estate, infrastructure, education, luxury and technology.

Brickstone Investment Group pools together the collective expertise of its co-founders in a synergistic combination. Each member is armed with deep industry knowledge accumulated and exceptional expertise honed from years of exposure to such areas as private banking, capital markets, as well as equity and bond trading in both local and global financial institutions.

BIG has its roots in Brickstone Consultancy. Positioned as a deal aggregator, Brickstone Consultancy acts as the the bridge between asset owners and investors. In addition, it consults companies with respect their IPO due diligence and overseas expansion journeys. Brickstone Consultancy reaches out to existing and potential partners and clients via its unique Brokr mobile app. Today, Brickstone Consultancy is an integral member of Brickstone Investment Group.


Brickstone Investment Group adopts a two-pronged approach with respect to engaging with its clients and partners in the financial markets.

In the listed equity space, Brickstone Investment Group consults companies embarking on their initial public offering (IPO) journeys. We handhold our clients through the IPO process, including the interview of underwriters and financial due diligence. This consultation function is handled by our member company, Brickstone Consultancy.

In the area of private equity, BIG actively pursues investment opportunities across diversified industries spanning real estate, infrastructure, education, luxury and technology. Depending on the size of the company and negotiations with the company owners, Brickstone Investment Group’s interest may vary from a partial stake or full acquisition. Partners in such projects can range from dedicated players in the industries or equity funds.

Brickstone Investment Group’s involvement and vested interest in projects are described in the overview below. Browse our full featured deals here.

  • Real Estate BIG works with players in the real estate market to pursue opportunities in the areas of hospitality, commercial properties and land. It has partnered with developers, real estate brokers and real estate funds in recent projects.
  • Infrastructure BIG actively seeks opportunities in regional and global infrastructure projects. It works with local governments, funds and other players in fundraising, project financing and taking a stake in such projects as shipyards and power plants.
  • Education A firm believer in education, BIG is on the lookout for investment opportunities in the education space. It works closely with education service providers and non-industry partners like financial institutions to provide learning opportunities for children.
  • Luxury In the luxury and lifestyle space, BIG looks to own franchises from F&B and other lifestyle operators. It is also active in sports tourism in its bid to tap into opportunities in the lifestyle market segment.
  • Technology BIG works closely with technology partners to bring technology-enabled products and services to the mid- to high-end market segment.


Brickstone Consultancy is in the business of deals aggregation and we provide a one-stop integrated platform for exclusive networking, business matching and consultation services. We handle deals origination and structuring with various professional country, industry and domain expertise. Browse our full gallery here.

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